Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.
James 1:4

For our homeschool curriculum this year we are memorizing the book of James. We’ve finished chapter one and are now studying chapter two. But we need to keep reviewing chapter one, and I smile to myself every time I recite verse 4, because I see a pun. Perseverance is exactly “must finish” and yet here it’s talking about perseverance growing in the believer so that we can become mature and complete. Learning to persevere: not quit, not run.

Memorizing scripture,
Making cupcakes weekly,
Practicing piano and violin,

Wading through the schoolwork,
and more…

…my hope is that perseverance will finish its work!

Looking back over the 31 Days project, this is the last post since I missed two Sundays…perseverance!

Thanking God:
recovering from colds
field trip around our town (Santa Barbara on the Land Shark)
seeing sea lions in the harbor
sewing a colonial dress in an evening and a morning
Ravinia wearing it in the afternoon
celebration dinner for her birthday since Daddy would be gone
Daddy’s safe trip to TX and back
too many things all happening fine after all!
prayers in the morning when I wake up
six kids for homeschooling two mornings
dinner for 400+ high school choir members went smoothly
Saturday fun with friends and bake sale raising money for Heydi (Compassion)
Chili dinner for Thursday birthday party and for Sunday, both times made enough (but not extra!)

(my list is in the 900s and I didn’t write gratitude on Monday for

but the practice of perseverance links also with

and I’m rejoicing in Ann’s story today!)


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