Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

The prompt this week is Relevant, because there is a blogger conference this weekend.
My prompters are at the conference, and only GypsyMama has prompted this week.
But I have an interesting take on Relevant. So for five minutes, here goes:

“We were having a conversation, and what you said, how was it relevant?”
“Maybe you’d better just not talk.”
Shame. Acceptance of my worthlessness in that kind of conversation.
Then later, relating the experience in prayer group and hearing back from a sister, “That must have hurt.”
Oh, did it?
Do I have a right to feel hurt? Did it hurt?
Do I have something to say, after all, even if I sound foolish?
In fact, can I respond in grace to a person who countenances telling another person not to talk? By the grace of God, I did. By the grace of God it was effective.
But still, why write?
Why post, for whom?
Ann sent out a post today about blogging for the kingdom of God. Blogging to give God glory, just as obedience to him, and not taking any of the glory or credit or self-worth from the blog: how many readers, comments, followers.
I started on the first of July, and I’m writing because even though I rejected my writing for 20 years, God did not. Slowly he is giving me confidence. Blogs I read that prompt some of my posts give me community as a faith writer. I’m not doing this for money, the currency of this world. I’m doing it for faith, the currency of heaven.

Ravinia decorates cupcakes, because she is an artist:


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