Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Turkey in a pen

Ravinia on pumpkin

Straw in the hair

Turkish jewels round my neck.

This week hasn’t all been about losing my voice and being sick.
There’s been some really bright moments, lots to be thankful for:

Pakistani food made by Michelle and Danielle.
John’s book to read.
Getting places on time by trying to be early.
Sleeping on Saturday when I felt really sick!
Field trip Friday to pumpkin patch at Lane Farm.
Westmont Orchestra concert in new venue, worked great.
Sleeping out in the sukkah, trusting God.
Not having breast cancer.
Friends to support me through the fear and testing.
Ravinia’s smile, sweet silliness.
Schooling her and learning things I never knew.
Money to prepare a party and treat others.
Great posts to read.
(Click here to read some.)


Comments on: "31 Days of Thanks and Praise {day 23} Thanks" (3)

  1. Not having breast cancer is a big one! The fear and testing must have been so hard. My biggie for this week is not having skin cancer. Oh, that awful word.

    • Oh! I’m glad for you too, not having skin cancer. Ann points us to thanking God even if the tests were positive though, right? I just walked away amazed more at God’s love through my week of waiting to be tested than at the result of the test.

  2. Much to be thankful for this week–major thanks!


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