Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Beyond the sheets we put up to block the fine misty rain of fog last night, I heard footfalls when I woke. I checked and it was 1:30. Ravinia sleeping next to me breathing so quietly, so peaceful. What were the footfalls? Need I worry?

No, this is Sukkot, the time of sleeping out under God’s provision, remembering his guiding care of the Israelites all those years ago. And hasn’t he cared for us today? Didn’t he bring us through years of “wilderness” to this place, this house we did not build, this community? I could trust him.

I could pray, which I did, asking for protection, and fall back asleep.

In the morning I peeked out beyond

The wind had blown the flap in the morning, several times, tantalizing me awake. The sheet above is soaking wet, the dew or condensed fog making a line on the sheet so that by my face it was still dry where it was blowing over me.

Looking out beyond, filled with quiet joy and thanksgiving for the house and all God has provided, I saw the neighbor cat frolicking.

Beyond our night in the Sukkah we have our Provider.

He changes us as we follow him.

(Pictures uploaded before timer started for Five Minute Friday)


Comments on: "31 Days of Thanks and Praise {day 20} Beyond" (3)

  1. WOW! Did you really sleep outside! What a great inspiration. Thank you for sharing this…So true, God provides and we need to stand in Faith and thank him for our blessing!!

    • Yes, we did, but only the last night of Sukkot! We didn’t put it up until Saturday, and then I was sick…But I’m not Jewish, and I’m coming to this depending on grace and God’s gifts. Tonight Ravinia will have a sleepover there with her friend. God bless you, and thanks for commenting.

  2. what a beautiful celebration of the Jewish tradition – because we all are – as Christians – Jewish right? and the noise in the night – and the prayer for protection – and the waking to see – and the frolicking cat – all of this made me smile – smiles are important.

    So I read back to some of your 31 days posts – and the one I most especially hearted was “the sick day” – I didn’t heart that you were sick – but it struck a chord in me. And today I’m reminded, because of you, where my real rest comes from, and my real protection – thank you. God bless and keep you and each and every one of yours.

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