Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

We took school to Starbucks this morning.

And there she is, in public, writing out her Bible verse to memorize:
James 1:19
My dear brothers, take note of this: everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow to become angry,

We finished school work at home and then went to the library, driving through the hills back of the town, because the church library is also in the hills, just the other side of town. Here’s the hills:

and when I drive that road the first stretch is all regrowth, recovery from the fire on November 13, 2008. So I love to see the green growth and the houses being rebuilt. There was this one lovely pink tree among the green; when I first glimpsed her it was impossible to take her picture, but she looked like a girl peeping out among the trees. Here’s how she looked when we drew level, and from a different angle:

and I had been going to take pictures of the few maple trees we have on that road, or the vines on walls that are turning colors, but when we saw another tree all lacy pink like that I stopped right under it (on the side of the road) and gave the camera to Ravinia to take a picture looking up:

Well we got to the library and then we went to the park where the kids all play and the moms sit around and talk or follow their toddlers and talk…

When it was time to go home I called Ravinia and she came willingly enough, but she told me of the game they were playing, and how she felt uncomfortable playing superheroes with magical powers, so she sort of walked off and played on the playground. We talked about how she listened to her conscience, and how the Holy Spirit brings to mind things we had heard. And as we drove home together, I looked over at her sitting in the front seat next to me (big girl!) and I just thanked God for my beautiful pink tree girl and what he’s doing in her heart and mind.


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