Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

I’ve lost my voice, sort of.

That’s scary for a writer, but I don’t mean it in a writerly sense. I have a sore throat that’s not all that sore, but my vocal chords got the worst of it and I can’t always trust what comes out to come clearly. I don’t feel extremely sick otherwise.

But yesterday I didn’t write a post, dropping the ball on the 31 days thing. So maybe I did lose my voice in a way. However, holding on to grace, I decide to keep at it, keep counting the 31 even if they’re not consecutive in the absolute sense, and to thank and praise God even on a sick day.

Ravinia woke up very sick.

So there you go, no school today, we’ll just hunker down in my bed together and sip tea. What do you do when you’re sick?

I read.

Croaking voice managed by about 3 cups of tea, sipping between chapters, I read the whole book, King of the Wind. It was on our list for History books for this week so actually we can consider it beneficial. And it was. Morocco, France, England of Louis XV painted in brilliant color, a story of a mute horseboy whose love for his stallion helps him fulfill his Sultan’s commission to serve his horse for the rest of its life, and then return to Morocco. Good and bad adventures, unkind people and kind, and the power of wordless love, really make the time spent in this book worth it.

And then we watched a movie from the library called Faith Like Potatoes.

It’s about a South African farmer who gives his life to God and trusts God and how he helps others to do so too, through good and bad events. “Conditions for a miracle have to be difficult,” he says near the end, “and for a great miracle they have to be impossible.” He plants potatoes when the weathermen are predicting drought, and potatoes need a lot of water.

And then we took a bit of a break and I checked email to find Ann’s post about when life is hard and that’s when I remembered grace, thanking God in the midst of hard times (like being sick). Jane Meyer also posted about being sick and making lemon cake and you know, I felt so loved by our heavenly father!
Not alone.
Never alone.
Just, not always knowing.
That’s me.

So I thank him:
For a sick day.
For Ann, writing a continent away.
For Jane in town, making lemon cake to share.
For books
For movies
For curry chicken salad leftovers shared by Susan, who feeds me.

And I praise him:
For beautiful weather
For his abundant provision
For grace, which oils the machinery of life
For peace, coming constantly, not as the world gives.
For his knowing.

Behind all the love I have ever received is God sending it; for God is love.

Comments on: "31 Days of Thanks and Praise {day 16} Sick" (5)

  1. I’m sick, too, with the hoarse voice and cough. Our school day calls for lots of read alouds and it’s getting the best of me. Thanks for the tea suggestion.

    Hope you feel well soon. Nice to “meet” you here.

    • Oh, I’m sorry to hear that you’re sick too. Glad of the company though. Another tip is to munch tiny bites of ginger (mine is candied ginger from Trader Joes, do you have a TJs near you?). Ginger is good for the thoat and it is a natural antibiotic, my mom used to say. Enjoy the days!

  2. Awww, I hope you both feel better! But I’m glad for the rest and mama-daughter time.


  3. Sorry you’re sick, but it sounds like a lovely way to spend the day, sick or well. I hope you and your daughter are much improved by now. Grace and peace to you in Jesus!

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