Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

We bought shoes on the way home from the aquarium on Monday.

Stopping only at the one outlet for shoes for professor husband, we noted a two for one deal, and Ravinia was interested to come in because maybe she would find something. No longer shopping the children’s section! She did. She found lovely shoes that Daddy liked and she persuaded Mom (it didn’t take much) to purchase a pair as well.

I was thrilled with my new shoes, pink!

So often I have liked the styles for my daughter and wished they had my size as well.

I never had a sister to dress up with, although once my mom bought matching outfits for my best friend and me.

So I’m the mom who likes matching her daughter, her only!

I think of my mom buying shoes for the girls in an orphanage in Katerini, Greece, over 50 years ago, when she was a missionary there. She bought them all white sneakers, and one day a girl told her she was missing hers.


How could you be missing shoes in an orphanage, where would they go?

And the lady who cleaned, she told mom to come and look, and there under Jimmy’s pillow were the sneakers. Jimmy, who couldn’t talk, had stolen the sneakers.

Oh, this is wrong Jimmy (not mentioning they’re girl shoes), to take what isn’t yours. We’ll have to return them, do you understand?

Poor Jimmy, but he did.

She took him out then, at lunchtime, and bought him his own.

Walking back, all the way, he looked down at his new shoes.

I’ve had new shoes before. But somehow I am looking down at my new shoes like Jimmy did. Maybe it’s because they came all graciously? In unanimous agreement?

All thanks and praise to God, Jehovah Jireh, my provider.


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