Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

He offered her a present, up to $100.
She remained silent for the longest time.
After he prompted her, “Isn’t there something you want?”
She replied, “Could I have the money for Heydi?”

She’s our Compassion child, I explained, and he asked if I knew it was legitimate, does all our money go to the child?

Well, no, I don’t believe so. What I believe is, it’s a program for children and the money we send supports the Christian workers who provide food and stories of Jesus, hope for the poor in other countries. It’s not money directly to kids, or their families I suppose, but it IS supporting those who reach out to them in Jesus’ name.

And we get to “adopt” one and write letters, send drawings and bookmarks, small gifts like that. Except at her birthday and Christmas. Ravinia chose Heydi because she wanted a “sister” her own age, and because Heydi didn’t look happy. That caught Ravinia’s compassionate heart.

The reason I believe Compassion is bona fide is because Ravinia and I followed Ann Voskamp’s journey to Guatemala with Compassion last September. It’s how I know what the money really goes to. And yes, I trust Ann.

She’s going again, and I’m not sure I’m ready! I am glad that the Farmer is going with Ann; I wonder at the chance (who will take care of the farm?) and rejoice for them. I’m just…is it me?

I believe I’ll have to pray, to lift this one to the Lord. How many children can we sponsor: support monthly and pray for and write letters to? God knows! He does indeed, that I believe.

Join me reading Ann?


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