Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Praise God for good weather.
Thank him for safety on the roads to the Aquarium.

Praise God for the crashing of waves,
the display showing the water cycle,
birds grabbing grapes out of small waterfalls,
ducking heads in to drink water.
Thank him for a daughter’s interest, a family time.

Praise God for sharks that swim,
for rays that float,
Thank him for the opportunity to reach and touch
and for the bravery (exciting) to do so.

Praise God for seals that swim and wave,
for sea lions that jump and strut and entertain,
Thank him for being the one chosen to help
and, when holding up the picture of trash floating in the sea
she stopped to pick up a piece of litter.

Praise God for moonjellies, a tankful
and kind instructor/workers explaining his creation.
Thank him for chances to see, to touch, to wonder.

(They feel like jello, the kind where a skin forms because you didn’t cover the bowl when you put it in the fridge! I never, never step on them at the beach!)

Wasn’t going to, but linking up because after all this is a counting of thanks!


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