Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Missing fall, I don’t so much miss the weather as I do the colors. Not that you can’t find any color here, quite the opposite. But the leaves of trees changing, that’s another story since most of the trees are different in Santa Barbara than in New Haven, say.

I look for a tree. I think of Elaine who loves to go sit under a yellow leafed tree, and I am thankful that I love the reds, because I am finding more of them. A tree here, a wall of ivy there.

When I was too busy and worried about things, when I was growing up and growing old, I thought monochromatically, as in leaves are green, stones are grey, tree trunks brown, etc.

But I had a child, a little girl who at one time loved picking up stones, and in my second childhood I wondered at what I’d forgotten, that stones are colored! That leaves, even when green, are various. And then, how beautiful the changing leaves when each leaf can be mottled. Or again just turn brown, the large oaks out front in New Haven.

Where I am, look for beauty. It shines in the one tree, and I rush under it to take a picture, to sit under the sun shining through stained glass leaf sanctuary.

All thanks and praise to God, from whom all good things flow.


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