Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

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I loved watching the movie, Dolphin Tale. But I was disturbed ahead of time by a review that mentioned that Hazel prays to her dead mother.

Now, I’m a good girl. I was taught that praying to the dead is superstition. That Roman Catholics are wrong to pray to saints. That God is the only one to pray to, in the name of Jesus, as he taught.

So I worried, would my daughter be led astray?

For myself I thought, well they’re trying to break the stereotype that it’s only Christians that homeschool. Christians aren’t cool, so to make it as a movie they have to stay away from giving glory to God.

When we talked about the movie it turned out Ravinia was sure that Hazel was a Christian. (okay, the stereotype working in my favor there) She said that Hazel knew her mom was in heaven and that she was talking to her in the same way as she, Ravinia, had written letters to Grandma in her journal after Grandma had died.

It’s true, after my mom died I had many things I wanted to say to her. Since I’d been taught to be careful not to pray to others, I asked Jesus to tell mom things for me. In Life Together, Bonhoeffer said the most direct way to talk to another Christian is through Christ. I wondered if she could see, hear.

When her favorite store, Talbots, opened an outlet next to my grocery store I had to smile.

When we bought our first home (after years of Mom desiring us to) it turned out to be Wedgewood blue, a color she loved!

And one time, in a counseling situation, I heard her voice prompting me with exactly the right question. I can only believe that Jesus can use any means he desires to work his perfect will in me.

So, while I remain faithful to my good girl upbringing stressing the importance of worshiping God alone, I am less judgmental of those who pray about or talk to the dead. (I want to be clear that when people worship the dead instead of God, I believe their hearts are seeking the greater love, but all they knew was ancestors. May God reveal himself to them!)

Within the family of God, it is God the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit who teaches us kids, and while we share with each other the things we learn, it is the Spirit who empowers both the sharing and the learning.

All thanks and praise to God!


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Comments on: "31 Days of Thanks and Praise {day 6} Praying" (1)

  1. I love that book by Bonhoeffer!! One of my top 20 I’d say. Thank you for sharing such personal thoughts in your reflection about your mother and prayers with God.

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