Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Sitting in the dark as Ravinia falls asleep, I reflect on the day before and the day to come, read email and write posts, and I begin to understand why God created evening and morning to be a day…why not start the day with dinner?! Family time, and sleep, eat, and work and play…

I was driving down the road behind two cars and the first was going 5 miles an hour under the speed limit. I had been worrying about being late.

Thank you God, for the car up there that is going slow.
Thank you that it forces me to look around and thank you for the trees.
Thank you for the trees around here, there are such varieties.
Thank you that their green leaves shine in the sun.

Thank you that Ravinia’s prayers still consist of far more thanks than requests.
Thank you for the delicious stuffed tomatoes that she made all by herself.
Thank you that she can read so well to follow a recipe all by herself.
Thank you for her growth.
Thank you for hope.

Thank you for friends, those that came tonight…
…and those who didn’t come, but have come.

Thank you for your word preached today.
Thank you for your word memorized tomorrow!
Thank you for your word that outlives me.
Thank you for white robes
And communion shared in joy
And kyrie sung all bravely as prayer
And this imperfect church, and everyone’s, Yours!

Thank you for schedules
And for when schedules get changed, for the better!
Thank you for husband’s helpful loving guidance

Thank you for crochet projects
And sewing dreams
And Ravinia’s birthday plans,
Her heart to invite everyone she knows
Your heart like that too.

882-907 counting to 1000 Gifts…


Comments on: "31 Days of Thanks and Praise {day 3} Thanks" (2)

  1. I have the same cross stitch that my friend made for us 25 years ago more or less… fun finding your post here… a joyful heart is indeed good medicine 🙂

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