Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

I woke up this morning and found a post from Faith Barista, starting a month long daily writing on a theme.

What a good idea! Wish I’d known earlier…but since today’s the first I’m not too late. I clicked over to read more at Emily’s blog and there were many comments of writers deciding their theme.

Should I do this?

Well, yes.

It’s been three months that I’ve been blogging here, for the chance to link up and be encouraged to write, in thanks and praise to God.

September was hard since sometimes the prompts didn’t connect for me, and since school starting up and finding my rhythm was hard too.

But October is a new month.

Rosh HaShannah was just now. A new year in the calendar of God’s people, the calendar he gave the Israelites he led out from Egypt. I’m not Jewish, though growing up I wished I were!

Now, I’m thankful for grace. I can learn, I can step into both law and gospel held in the hands of grace.

On Thursday Ravinia and I went to the local synagogue to a short family service outdoors where we sang and heard the story of Isaac being promised and eventually given. We heard the shofar blown, a long ram’s horn, blown several different ways.

After the service we hung out with our friends who had invited us, but we didn’t get to go with them to the beach because of various commitments we needed to keep.

So, holding onto grace, we went Friday to our closest beach, bread in hand.

We threw bread into the water.

We frolicked in the waves.

We delighted in the weather.

We rejoiced in the Lord who makes all things new, in His time.

Thanking God:
That I learned about this writing goal in time to join in.
That He gives new starts.
For grace to hold me safe.
For joy to empower my living.
For His love sustaining, providing, giving gifts, calming…all good!
For YOU (if you don’t want to read me daily, unsubscribe for the month? I promise to love you and not be hurt!)

Praising God:
Bless the Lord, O my soul,
All that is within me, bless his holy name!

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