Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Time Was

Time was we bought this clock for Mom at Christmas.
As in her kitchen, so in mine when it was time.
Then came the time it fell and broke,
but broke so well it could be mended and time still kept
and story told keeps time with function in my heart.

Heirloom clock now on our wall waited until time was right
and the reader of manuals had time to mend and know this
Grandmother clock. She chimes the time so beautifully melodic
and I think of time not wasted but waiting
until the place and hour would be prepared for her to sing.

Now I teach time to artist daughter and we find it hard
because what time is now and friend and I want and can we?
Rosh HaShannah is new year for God’s people and time
to come for reflection and prayer and time to be still
to know the God beyond time who makes all things new and now.

I haven’t written poetry in a long time, friends! But hey, I’m right on time.
The link to Ann Voskamp, posts on Hope this week may bless your heart.

And Bonnie with the Faith Barista Jam, on Finding My Voice.


Can you see how time connects with either?!
All Praise and Thanks to GOD!


Comments on: "Time Was" (2)

  1. Such graceful poetry! I’d love to read more. Poetry is definitely not one of my talents, so I’m in awe of those who have it.

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