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Grace Growing

Five Minute Friday challenge: Growing

When Ravinia was four, my Aunt Mary told her, “Stay four!”

When we went back the next year Aunt Mary pretended to be disappointed that she’d grown to be five, then said, “All right, stay five then.”

While I appreciated Aunt Mary’s love of the age (and it really was magical), Ravinia was concerned. “Aunt Mary, I have to grow.”


“Jesus wants me to!”

Aunt Mary loved that response. “Well, if Jesus wants you to then you’d better grow.”

Ah, yes. Me too.

And here we are at the cusp of 11. We’re looking forward to a movie today, Dolphin Tale. We told all our homeschooling friends when the different showtimes were and we’re making cupcakes to bring along to the one we are going to see.

Ravinia’s big thing this school year has been cupcakes. My big thing has been finding the time and frankly the resources to let her make them! I think we’ve both been growing. Today I felt ready and able (we don’t have much on our school schedule and it’s Film Fun Friday) and offered her to decorate cupcakes first thing and we could go through our schedule backwards.

She asked to start with Bible anyway. While decorating cupcakes she asked for spelling, saying the letters aloud to me while her hands were busy. She voted for the normal schedule and is taking more responsibility for her school work, in the environment of creativity, decorating cupcakes.

I’m thanking and praising God, and my 5 minutes are done!


Comments on: "Grace Growing" (12)

  1. loved the look into your homeschooling.
    I am always interested to see how other families rework it in their own homes.
    thank you,

    • Cool, a peek into schooling in a five minute post. You’re great! Thank you for commenting, I sure do appreciate it. I know the joy of seeing how other families do school, the chance to get new ideas, validation, whatever. Just have to guard my heart against negative reactions or feelings. We did enjoy the movie, by the way. God bless you this weekend.

  2. Oh, I love this, this story your share of Aunt Mary and the loving encouragement she offered — speaking into you both about how Jesus wants us each to grow. And then your beautiful description of your morning with your sweet daughter. What a treasure this life is! Thank you for sharing a piece of here, with us. Bless you, Jennifer

    • Thank you Jennifer! Yes, a treasure and I so often get caught up in the doing or the worrying that I forget to treasure it. That’s why I love these post prompts and the community of encouragement. God bless you this weekend.

  3. Her response … 🙂 Children are wise beings 🙂

    • They are, aren’t they? And you just have to listen, or you miss it! Ah, but God says we are all children still, though we grow old with burdens. Thank you for commenting. God bless you this weekend.

  4. Such a great post!

  5. Thanks for sharing the exchange between Aunt Mary and your daughter… so wise and loving! Thanks for visiting my blog.

    I like your idea of “Film Fun Friday”… I will have to check out that movie with our daughter.

    • The full possibilities for Fridays are field trip, flour (baking sweets), film fun Friday. So we don’t always have to see a movie, but I am capitalizing on her learning through movies too. She’s a visual and auditor learner, very creative, not very reading/spelling/math oriented! How old is your daughter? Do you also have only the one? Thank you for commenting! God bless.

  6. Beth, God has had me in a growing time (which includes a pruning time) this past week. I can’t shove away His pruning hand; I must accept that it is for my good, for my growth. So I appreciate you, and this aunt, and your daughter.

    • Yes Monica, God is good, and to be trusted! May you rejoice in his working in your life to produce fruit that will last! Oh, I haven’t written Monday or Wednesday posts this week; my writing voice is off, but I think something is coming for the jam and Walk with him Wednesdays too. Thank you so for your encouragement, love.

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