Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Fifteen Minutes

My dad was teaching Greek in Chicago when I was born. He told his students, when you are no longer taking Greek classes, still you should read your Bibles in Greek for 15 minutes a day. Then one day he felt convicted and picked up his Hebrew, to keep it fresh.

Dad lives with us now. He’s turning 81 next Wednesday and asked me not to tell (oops!) because he doesn’t want his time taken by well wishes.

You see, he has Parkinson’s and also he has to nap more than he would like. He’s trying to finish helping revise a book. But he can’t skip exercise and he can’t skip reading his Septuagent daily, although he has let the Hebrew go.

I’ll still celebrate his birthday with his favorite pie for dessert, and I’ll thank him for his godly example and loving training.

Not that I know Greek, unfortunately, nor that I am so disciplined to read my Bible 15 minutes a day, although Kat at Inspired to Action inspired unorganized me (I wake to a verse and picture from Zondervan in my Inbox, and I memorize…) but I am looking to my father in admiration and to our Father for provision of the word for my world.

Thanks be to God!

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