Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Field Trip Friday

The day started out with worry. Would we be able to get on the road by 9? Truth to tell, no. At 9:30, heading down our street, I texted (safe neighborhood, quick text, car in L gear) my friend with whom I’d talked the evening before about balance between stressing to be on time and grace for the chronically late.

Good thing I did: she texted back and then called me to tell me we weren’t late, that the apple picking field trip didn’t start at 10 but at 11! We were early! I stopped for gas, and we still got to Solvang a half hour early.

The last time we did this field trip to Apple Lane Farms, we went to see miniature horses, had lunch at a park, toured Solvang and bought gigantic lollipops. Ravinia was eagerly asking me if we were going to repeat all the details. No, I told her, but since we’re so early, we could pick up a lollipop now, to be sure we got one.

So then we went and picked apples with our homeschool friends, field trip style. That means we learned about apples and 4 pecks to a bushel (we were filling quarter peck bags, so 16 of them to a bushel). Golden delicious and Gala apples were what was ripe now (Granny Smiths in October) so the kids got to work.

There was a red delicious apple tree that the owners explained wasn’t so much for fruit as for pollination of the golden delicious. I don’t really understand that, but Ravinia, knowing that her Grandfather’s favorite is red delicious, wanted to pick some for him.

Drive an hour, hang out in an orchard for an hour, drive home? No, we’d been invited to toss apples to cows. Sounds like fun to me!

First we had that picnic at the park.
Then I brought Ravinia and her friend Katherine to Katherine’s house.
Then I booked it a half hour away to shop for a half hour alone, and drove back. Worrying only slightly about being on time for the cow run.
But when I got back the gang was happily playing, the moms making tea.

We loaded up!

Two ladies looking on, ready for a treat.

And Ravinia got to help haul the gate away for the truck, multiple times since we visited different pastures.

And visited a vineyard on the way to the last pasture where we saw the sweetest babies!

I pushed aside worry several times, and counted blessings:
Ravinia saying more than once, “This is fun!” (She who loves to have fun, has almost never said those words.)
Katherine explaining to Ravinia the definition of a ranch.
Allison explaining that with the grass so dry the apples provide nutrition as well as a lovely sweetness for the cows.
Also that the dropped apples aren’t any good in an orchard whereas they’re good on the ranch.
Time for a cookout of hotdogs over an open fire, and smores.
Leaving later than I meant to, but okay anyway.
Blessings at home when we returned.
The prayer, “Lord, you be in control of today.”


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