Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Perseverance Cupcakes

We were approaching the library one Sunday afternoon shortly after it opened at 1, and a lady walking up with books in her arms offered us a book since she was going to donate the whole stack.

“How did you know we would like this?” I wondered aloud.
“Well, I saw your daughter.”
I was thrilled! Gorgeous book I would never buy, Martha Stewart, why not? “Thank you!”

Another stop that day was to World Market where I had a $10 gift certificate. We bought, among other things, chocolate covered marzipan. We all love marzipan.

Then we saw these cupcakes in the book. Ravinia wanted to make them right away.

“No, but we’ll definitely form the marzipan by Wednesday,” I promised. I guess I didn’t really register that she wanted to make the whole cupcake, just like in the book. I was just focused on those cute marzipan maple leaves!

Then, when Wednesday came we were smooshing marzipan with food coloring and she asked about the cupcakes. I looked at the recipe. Oh my, 2 cups of maple syrup for the cakes and 2 cups for the frosting? We only had the blend from Trader Joes and that barely a cup. What to do?

We decided on cutting the recipe in half (her math work is fractions now anyway, so that counted!) and baking the cupcakes while doing schoolwork. She did spelling aloud while adding ingredients. Fun!

But then, what about cupcake liners?
I thought I had the little ones.
No go.
Give up? No!
We had two different solutions:

I’m the tinfoil lady, she’s the cut and refold bigger liners diva.

We were working on memorizing James 1:1-4 for Bible this week, and wouldn’t you know our verse of the day was, “Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

After school work we went down to Trader Joes to buy more maple/agave syrup (one bottle is one cup) and we made the maple buttercream frosting, half batch.

Perseverance must finish its work, or you’re left with batter and no liners, or cakes with no frosting to stick the cute maple leaves and acorns onto. We persevered, applying the memory verse of the day, and the results were delicious.

The next morning when I asked her what she wanted for breakfast I vetoed the answer, “Perseverance cupcakes!”

So instead she made us pancakes with a willing heart.

We had perseverance cupcakes for lunch, and shared them with friends.

Applying the word,
walking by faith,
giving thanks and praise to God!
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