Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Trials of Many Kids

Second week of school, and we were set to memorize what we had studied in the first week, James 1:1-4.

We wrote 3×5 cards, and I wrote a word per slip of paper, for taking words away or playing puzzle.

While Ravinia was working on her card I was writing on the slips, so when I finished I looked up to see that she had made quite a bit of progress, and yet the last word was misspelled. Blend letters tend to hide, so I said to her that the n has hidden, but look:

Consider it pure joy my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kids!

Only by grace

And the strong arm of the Lord…

…more of this on Wednesday!

Gratitude list:
Sunny weather
Library ladies
James 1:1-4 and perseverance cupcakes (Wednesday’s post)
The curriculum we use
Things getting done although not on my time schedule!
Nurtured by Love, by Dr. Suzuki
Powerful Prayers for Troubled Times by Stormie Omartian


Comments on: "Trials of Many Kids" (1)

  1. Today the verse was James 1:6, and we ended up singing it as an aria: But when he asks (but when he asks) He must believe (he must believe) and not doubt (and not doubt) But when he asks (and not doubt) he must believe (and not doubt) and not doubt (and not doubt) . . . You get the idea. We had fun making it up and Ravinia wrote word by word as we sang (which is why we repeated often, singing where she was writing). Is it a minor key? With flats? d,d,c#,c (d,d,c#,c) and c, not b-b flat, doubt a. Fun moment, a total God thing. Thanks and praise!

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