Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Gardening in Real Life


Ravinia wanted a lemon tree outside her window. I think her idea was to climb out the window into the branches of a tree, and what better than a Meyer Lemon?

We bought the tree months after her wish and it sat in its container at least a month while we researched (asked friends and neighbors) where it should go: slope? sunny side? safety from gophers? Then I poked around the slope outside her window and prayed as I poked. When on the third try the shovel went deep into good soil though hemmed by rock, I figured that was the answer to prayer.

Then, fill the hole with water twice, dig more out, plant the tree (miniature lemon) in a gopher net and remember to water weekly.

Remember to water, and I’m not so good at the remembering plants when too many things are on my plate. So there were several nudgings in my days before I went finally to look at Lemonia after a hot day. Her leaves were down. I apologized, and watered her, digging a bit of a trench so the water would go in, not just down the slope. I checked her the next day and the leaves were up again.

That’s real life, folks! I’m so inconsistent. I’m here where lemon trees flourish and yet I need to do my part to keep it flourishing.



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