Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


The Five Minute Friday prompt today is REST.

St Augustine comes to mind: “Our hearts are restless until they find their rest in Thee”

So one season I was very busy, and felt that I had no time for me. God showed to me that was a lie. There is always time for me in my day, I just didn’t know when it would come. So I was unprepared for it. I scheduled too many fun things to do because I didn’t look for my moments of rest.

After God revealed that lie to me I started to plan to read his word when I had a down moment, or at least to pray (if I were driving, say). The moments came and I had at least 10 minutes and they grew to 20, 30!

I still find that to be true of my life. I have many things on my plate, always good things to do, people to love. But interspersed there are quiet moments and I can sit at his feet.

He reminded me of that today.

Today was a lovely day. I didn’t have much inspiration this morning except the quote from St Augustine. But it’s Friday and the end of our first week of home school (and college for the Professor). It’s our anniversary, 22 years. Ravinia had a playdate in the afternoon, so the Professor and I had a coffee date. Just before we went out, his flowers were delivered (later than he’d expected but in perfect timing). 22 roses:

Now after this five minutes of writing we’ll have tri-tip he’s grilling and a celebratory camp-fire complete with smores (ever try replacing the chocolate with lemon curd? YUM!). Ah, rest is good!


Comments on: "Rest" (2)

  1. Beth, first of all – I heart – I HEART that Augustine quote. So thank you – it hits me every time I read it – and I’ve read it many many times. And thank you for the reminder that there ARE enough hours in the day to stop, and rest, especially if that rest is in HIM. I have a dream that I’m following, a very narrow path that can lead were I want to go. And it’s a way I only want if Our Lord wants it too – and I’m giving it everything I have – more than everything I have – but I have to stop and rest in HIM – I have to stop and remember who I’m doing everything for, less of me more of Him. Thank you for this reminder today. Thank you for finding me – so I could read your words. God bless and keep you Beth.

    • Craig, thank you for writing a comment! I really appreciate it. You know, they say no one can write your story, so write! But on the other hand I often feel sorta dumb afterward because the downside of being unique is you’re all alone! Thanks for the company on the journey I’ve been nudged to start for so many years… Blessings!

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