Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Saturday was the big day, end of summer, the Bible Bee.

The dolls and animals had stayed up all night memorizing verses.

Mom read an email in the early evening, that the non-competitive participants could come at noon, eat, worship together, and recite some verses. Low pressure, it was to be encouraging.

It was, and we spent the morning making a list of all the verses she felt she could say word perfectly.
I realized that word perfect is not the only way to hide the word in your heart.
How many times has a snatch of a verse come to my mind?
I turn to BibleGateway to look it up, or I ask my husband (!) which is just as good. Sometimes I’ve even flipped through the book, and found it!
The meaning, the heart, the love.

We went to get frozen yogurt afterward, to celebrate.

On the drive home, on a whim, I stopped to check out a beach, Summerland. It has easy access from the freeway, a parking lot, playground with bathrooms, and the sand is below.
Okay, a long way off.
We used the restrooms and then swung on the swings together. Finishing first, I sat on a park bench looking at this, and thinking of fences.

Ravinia joined me and I took her picture, standing, coming closer. See the view?

Engaged now, at the fence, I took this.

It’s not a bad picture for me, end of summer, beginning of school year.
Follow the whims.
Rejoice in the beauty.
Be with, be present, be engaged.
Manage the do-list, the expectations, the things that can make me afraid,
with scripture, with celebration, with thanksgiving.

Listing my 1000:
2 copies of God’s Heart for You, came today!
dinners out with friends
faculty dinner
good neighborhood board meeting
having Charles and John Contakes with us
Bible Bee, low pressure
beautiful weather
whimsical beach time
back to school pictures on the wall
school uniforms for mother and daughter
grace for the schedule on first day of school
reading in James about joy in trials this morning
and looking for God’s blessing in a trial from yesterday
grandmother clock fixed by husband is beautifully chiming once again
peace at the end of the first day
yummy leftovers (cold asian chicken noodles) for supper
planning fun Friday


Comments on: "Bible Bee at Summer’s End" (3)

  1. Had pop over and thank you for commenting on my blog… you have such a homey place here in cyberspace! It’s good to meet you!!

  2. Thanks for your comment at “crumbs.” Just wanted to say I’m so sorry about the loss of your mother. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. Having an aging father in the home is its own challenge, as well. May God pour grace and comfort and strength into you day by day.

    From your post, I love the dolls and animals staying up all night cramming for the Bible Bee, and this: “Manage the do-list, the expectations, the things that can make me afraid,
    with scripture, with celebration, with thanksgiving.” Advice I need to apply!

    God bless you, new friend.

  3. You are both beeeyoootiful. And the Bible Bee makes me so excited at the fact that you are raising her up in the Lord. Chills and goose bumps and hands lifted in praise!

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