Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Shine Love


This Thursday’s Topic 8/25: What is a passion or interest you’d like to nurture and grow?

Oh dear, so many things come to mind, first and most obviously this writing of a blog begun July 1. I said it would be for writing practice, like writing for a class. Bonnie‘s good with that, sending tips our way and giving feedback on posts. Ann and Lisa Jo are initiators of a topic and if I write I may or may not get any response, but they model, giving me an example, and a host of others linking up.

I love to write, love to feel that inspired moment and type it out. I’ve been learning to take a picture, download it into the post, add links to things I mention, that sort of techie thing. But it’s been summer, vacation mostly at home.


Will I be too busy to write?
Will I have no inspiration?
Will it look hypocritical, me blogging out my writing while desperate for my daughter, reluctant writer because difficult speller, to cross over the hump she has to climb?

I remember wise words from Akeelah and the Bee, something like, “you do no one any good by stifling yourself, whereas if you do your best and shine out you release others to shine.” W.E.B. DuBois, quoted to Akeelah who lives it out.

I’m going to nurture creativity.

Multidimensional, for my reluctant writer is a brilliant artist, drawing for words (what are those books called, where certain words have pictures instead?)

and maybe I’ll challenge her to do that, intersperse pictures in her text.

I’m going to nurture the shining.

I shine when I do what I love for someone I love.

Handiwork, here: crocheting matching tunics for myself and Ravinia, friendship bracelets Ravinia is teaching me to make and we’ll send to friends.

This morning’s baked cinnamon pull-apart bread, prepared with bread machine last night and rising in the fridge to be popped in the toaster oven this morning!

To shine I must not fear or worry, but thank and praise God, living in his love and working out my gifts which are given for others. (It’s just I’m a bit shy about saying writing is one of my gifts when I don’t have been self rejecting it for 20 years! Okay, W.E.B. DuBois, it’s time to shine and love others!

First thing that comes to mind is praising God.
Loving you, reader, I’ll post this without fear.


Comments on: "Shine Love" (7)

  1. I love to write too and I pray God will release me to publish books someday. It is all in His timing! And I agree, you need to SHINE! Enjoy your blog and enjoy writing.

    Oh, that bread looks way too yummy!

    Bless you!

  2. Shine on, Sister! God is going to use your heart of willingness. Thanks for sharing–too bad you can’t share a piece of your cinnamon bread with me too! 🙂

  3. Yea to you for posting this! You DO have a gift of writing. I pray you continue to exercise it.

    I’ve always known that I love to write, but until I started my blog (2 years ago?), I didn’t realize exactly how much fun it would be to write consistently. It is one way I stay in touch with my own soul, through putting things down in words.

    So let’s keep working out our gifts! God can work through them as he pleases.

  4. I understand the fears you express… I have them also. You are shining bright and clear!!!

  5. “I’m going to nurture creativity.” “I’m going to nurture shining.” Love your words!
    Nurture. You know that is a gift too? Being able to nurture.
    Keep shining:)
    P.S. I love that tunic….you made that? Awesome!

    • Thank you dear! Good point, to nurture is a gift. I keep forgetting to nurture my plants! The tunic, it’s a work in progress, but last night I finished the trim while Daddy finished reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma to us. And, it fit! Thank you for encouragement.

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