Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


This summer I picked up what for me is a Herculean task: reorganizing the front half of the house so that it is more easy to keep neat and tidy.
Welcome in!

The front room, entry way, is often just an overlooked hallway into the main room of the house.
Three years we’ve lived here, and it’s hard to define.
Started out Daddy’s place with computer there.
Then school room, but we migrated into the sunny living area with couch and lap desk. Ravinia likes to sit and do art here, and of course make music… There’s a pocket door to the right of the piano, the straight line entryway.
Decorating books call this the away room.
We had to figure out its purpose before I could remove the excess (seeing David before removing what’s not David–thanks Michaelangelo).
Drawing room, I called it, enjoying the English formality that goes with the furniture.
Card table
Chat corner
The real breakthrough came when I brought the school books out of the hutch and moved them into what’s becoming the library.

Then I hung the encouraging words

and went out to celebrate our 22nd anniversary!

I’m listening to my people (husband, daughter, father who lives with us) and reading 31 Days to Clean with many days in between and hope to have a refreshed house before we start school next Monday.

Thanks be to God, who helps me in my weakness!

blogs addressing in the morning the conflict I’m about to struggle through
Jamie at Arch Rock Fish
baking blueberry pie
bringing pie to Jamie with a note, extending our table
effective fervent prayer
Summerland Beach Cafe
shopping for school clothes
buying two copies of God’s Heart for You to share with ladies over tea.


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  1. Amazing you wrote this on Deb’s b-day, mentioned Summerland Cafe and I went to sleep last night dreaming of waking up early one morning and trekking down there for a walk on the beach and breakfast at the cafe – made my heart hopeful as we start to pack her up and into her very own apartment. I belong to the Father of all hopefulness – one of my daddy’s favorite hymns – how right the memory this week. Love your ‘away room’ and your heart.

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