Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Small Acts of Faith

This morning I smoothed down the covers on my daughter’s bed and I was overcome with an emotion. It was a praying sort of emotion and I snapped a picture so that I could remember, and write about it later.

Grateful for a daughter, for the legacy of this bed which was my own that my mother had bought with foresight when my parents were a hardworking professor and a stay-at-home mom who wisely bought high quality and then had a college student rent the room for a semester to pay for the furniture. I was still in a crib, I believe, in my brother’s room that semester.

Smoothing down the down blanket I thanked the Lord for my mother, remembered that she had bought this blanket. On the other end of the bed I remembered her buying the sheets for Ravinia one year.

Is making a bed an act of faith? I think it can be, when done thankfully, prayerfully, highheartedly. A small act of faith and love, but one more drop in the teacup of her heart, I hope.

I so much depend upon God holding me, smoothing out my covers, tucking me in at night and giving me his love and joy to do that for my child. She’s been having bad dreams and remembering old ones. I’m hoping that’s the working out of long buried fears, a step in the healing process for her. So the prayers continue in highhearted hope, with thanks and praise to God.



Comments on: "Small Acts of Faith" (7)

  1. Prayerfully making your daughter’s bed is a beautiful step of faith. Your prayers will guard her heart and dreams- that’s no small thing. Today I wil be praying for your daughter. My brother is a sophomore in college, but when he was a kid, he struggled severely with fear. So I have a tenderly place for her struggle.

  2. Prayer, thankfulness and love are acts of faith, no matter when you do them or how, making a bed and doing those with it is an act of faith.

    • Yes, so I decided to go with my small act even if it felt strange to write about it (not a big story, no Bible verses)!

      • Bible verses are not always necessary when sharing your story of faith. Being real is what it is always about. I did not share verses with mine this time, other times I do. Just be yourself!!!

  3. Making a bed–definitely an act of faith when done for God. 🙂 I’m pretty sure you made God smile after. Just like how you would feel if someone does something for you out of love. 🙂

    God bless! 🙂


  4. Prayer is definitely an act of faith…long or short big or small …God just loves hearing our voice. Loved your post 🙂

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