Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

All the World

Because of Ann’s post today, which I opened and Ravinia read along with me, sitting on my lap, and at the end telling me not to cry (I’m not, I’m blinking) we got out the camera and took pictures to make a response post. But really, what I’d like to do is point you to Ann’s. (If you’re sent to her site on another day, look for “How to Go into all the World”)

We bought a globe which has pride of place above the school books, accessible:

We have the coffee table map which shows early America, before the Louisiana purchase:

We have the laminated wall map in the living room and Ravinia can show you right where we are on it:

We eat foods from other countries, whether at restaurants or at home, and at night Ravinia prays her way around the world, after praying for Heydi in Guatemala, asking God to give people a good night’s rest or in countries where it is now day, a good day.

But I am convicted. I need to move on to step two, or perhaps it’s three on Ann’s post. Praying around the world in more depth. I bought an old copy of Operation World, and we had a kids version in third grade when we studied world geography, but now I think it’s time to sign up for a copy of God’s World magazine, both geography and news to inform our prayers.

Where (in all this world) are you?


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