Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Finding Beauty in Me

Five Minute Friday today, the prompt is on beauty. Over at GypsyMama we’ve talked about how to weed out the lie that you are not beautiful. We’ve been talking about the surprising place that ugly sometimes comes from. I didn’t know they agreed to go on a hunt for beauty together this week, to write down beauty everywhere we found it in ourselves. So that slant caught me by surprise.

The verse: I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Psalm 139:4

Five minutes to just write: Beauty

What woman hasn’t struggled with beauty?

Why then does it surprise me that my daughter, coming into her preteen years, doesn’t want to be beautiful, doesn’t want me to say she is? (She really is, and she does love a camera, love a stage, although not quite love applause. Odd.)

So seeing her as a mother gives me a camera to see myself perhaps from God’s fatherly eyes. Beth, get over it! You are beautiful although at any one moment you may be mussed up, may be downhearted, may be dirty and smelly and even sad.

God said he loves me, said he puts the righteousness of Christ on me, says he sees me clean and I realize, slow, that’s how I see my daughter. So if God sees me how I truly am, then I am

Highhearted Lee

Smiling love and joy to other people by his grace

Happy to wake first in the morning and make coffee for waking husband,

Happy to sit at computer with cat on my lap and write before child awakes

Happy to live this day he’s given me

Comfortable with my body he’s given, my gray hair that curls as it wishes, face, and voice, comfortable so that they are the temple of His Holy Spirit

For You.

God has given me many dear people whom I love and he’s given me the charge to love them, and when I do, in whatever way I do, I am most beautiful, forgetting myself.

Whew, that was hard to start but good to write. Thanks, Gypsy Mama!

Comments on: "Finding Beauty in Me" (5)

  1. Oh that we would be content and glorify God with the body He gave us… for HIS GLORY. amen.

    Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

  2. This is beautiful… finding the acceptance and contentment in being treasured by God. My daughter is a young teen… and I long for her to also understand the meaning of true beauty. I enjoyed your five minute write.

  3. (Hi there… I sent a comment, but I’m not sure if it made it… will try again…)

    this is beautiful. I appreciate the contentment and assurance found in the Father’s love for us, made in His image. I also long for my young teen to know the source of true beauty. I enjoyed your five minute write!

  4. I have always struggled with seeing the beauty in me…and like you this topic was hard to start, but good to write. And like you, I also think we are the most beautiful when we are focused on others….being HIS hands and feet, love and comfort,
    Beautiful words written by a beautiful heart~
    Thank you-

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