Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Needing Forgiveness

I don’t keep a tidy house. Things pile up, they get forgotten. I found something the other day that appalled me. Two letters I thought I had sent to Heydi, our Compassion child in Guatemala.

One was going to be for Valentine’s day!

I haven’t been good.

I have been late sending in our monthly money, reminded by the slip in the mail.

Ravinia on the other hand has been so good about raising money for Heydi, about praying for her every night before bed, and about telling others about her. I asked Ravinia, “what shall we send Heydi for her birthday, coming up next month, exactly a month from today?” and then went to my front room to gather from several piles all into one place the papers from Compassion. Ravinia happily waded through and started to make art to send.

Should I feel desperate at not having sent those two unfinished letters? It’s hard to know. I asked Ravinia for a hug, asked for forgiveness of her and God. I remembered that I had sent email letters to Heydi with some of the online payments…so she has heard from us. And Ravinia said, “well we can’t send them but you could start over and write to her now.” So that’s what I’ll do, enclosing Ravinia’s art (heart) and my own faltering love steps.

Forgiveness, appropriated, gives me courage and joy to start again, and mail it today. Thanks be to God!


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