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Whole Hearted Fun

Five Minute Friday: Whole

This whole week I’ve been so busy with a VBS at a local church where I said yes to help teach the 5/6 graders. My own daughter is in the group, and the group as a whole is large!

When my co-teacher in preparation said she’d like us to act out the story for the day I knew I could do that: write it out, using the whole story in the Bible with maybe a few extra words of dialog that would work with the word of truth, explaining or relating.

My whole job wasn’t just to write the story though. Usually I took the part of the narrator, the 5 student helpers acting parts. No, the whole morning was there for me to co-lead. To encourage the kids in their recreation time (even if I didn’t play…but yesterday I did and it was water day and I got wet and when the firemen came to spray us on the field I ran through a rainbow!), to love them in crafts, to learn with them in mission about India (partaking in rice and curry eaten by hand), to feed them in snacks, and to reward them with marbles or shimmery pencils (their choice) for saying the memory verse from the day before, were all part of the whole day, the whole hearted joy and faith I hoped that they would catch a glimpse of, or would spring up in their lives.

6 minutes. Oops! Gotta get to Noah’s!


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  1. Sounds like you had a good time. It was nice to read about your activities with the kids. Lots of blessings to you !

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