Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Feeling close

On Sunday we were at a wedding, and it’s funny how weddings can be reminders of our future. Oh, sure, all the married people remember their own wedding event, evaluate their marriage, that sort of stuff. But all of us who walk by faith are waiting for the wedding banquet of the LAMB.

Together the church is the bride of Christ. How can men explore that metaphor, never having been the bride? How single women for that matter? They come to a wedding, they watch and they partake.

At this wedding we did the Armenian thing and waved little towels when the bride and groom entered the reception.

What a celebration, what a reminder. The bride and groom in this case were not of the same culture, and that was appreciated. In the wedding of the Lamb the cultures will be so diverse and so beautiful I can only imagine. I long for that day. Beyond that I long to see the Bridegroom’s face.

Strangely, although I long for a future event, I am also filled with joy. Remembering the promise, rejoicing with those who also are expecting it, fills my heart. I thank God for his dear people whom I have gotten to know, learn from, rejoice with.

The pastor and his wife are friends we don’t get to spend enough time with, partners in the gospel here at Westmont College.

I think what I’m realizing is how I feel close to God not only but also through the ties of love shared with his people. Celebrations are God-ordained. They are good. If they who are forgiven much love much, then we who await the wedding of the Lamb must celebrate more!



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  1. I’m here for the Faith Jam. 🙂 I love weddings and I mean LOVE. I’m a single lady, but I’m still a bride. One day we will all be presented to our groom dressed in pure white! Thanks for such a great reminder. 🙂

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