Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Still and All

Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted…


Be still means to stop. Why? To know and to exalt God.

He’s still God. He’s still being exalted in the heavens: the stars are still speaking of him. He’s still being exalted in the nations: praise him for missionaries who still bring the word and for hearers who still come to faith in him.

I still exalt God realizing I am not God!

I’m still a wife, after 22 years (praise God who keeps us!)
I’m still a mom, after 11 years (praise God who keeps her!)
I’m still a daughter, after 45 years (praise God for my 80 year old dad and my eternally alive mom!)
I’m still creating (praise God for his provision!)
I’m still befriending (praise God for other people!)
I’m still homeschooling (praise God for good books!)
I’m still supporting Westmont Music (praise God for musicians!)
I’m still attending church (praise God for his sanctuary, for sabbaths and festivals)
I’m still…but 5 minutes is up.
Stop. Still.


Comments on: "Still and All" (2)

  1. Carolyn Weber said:

    I loved the idea of being “still” in so many ways, in terms of rest, pause, paying attention, and enduring. I was struck by the reminder of your late mother still being with us in eternal life. Here amidst aging parents, hugging frail bodies and praying for God to remember them, remember all of us, I needed that.

  2. Such a beautiful five minutes of your life. Every minute, exalting God.

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