Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Full of Grace

Elisha prayed to the LORD to open the eyes of his servant and he looked and saw the hills all around the town full of the army of the LORD.

The last time I felt actually full of heart was a year ago, after spending a week in the Adirondacks at my favorite spot, Camp of the Woods. It’s so lovely, there’s a wonderful amount of things to do for those who like a full schedule, but also a lake and a beach to do nothing at all. It was a place I went to be with my mother in the summer, to go hear chapel talks from men full of God’s gift of preaching, to renew. Last summer I went after two years away and was given the love of many of my mother’s friends, telling me how much she had blessed them. If not the end of my grieving, it was a refilling of my heart.

This summer I am trying anew to “bloom where I’m planted” and am looking for elements of what I loved at Camp, here in beautiful Santa Barbara, CA where we live. The weather here is full of goodness: I love the early morning fog that reminds me of mist rising on the lake at camp. The sun that comes out midday and warms us so we can sit at beach or poolside. The mountains, though they have different foliage, lift my eyes to the hills. The clear sky stars at night, visible because of lack of city lights. The intentional part is finding the chapel speakers online, sitting down to listen, soaking up wisdom and praise, and if possible, doing that with friends who can reflect on the things we have heard. Best would be to sit on the beach, crocheting, while talking out our thoughts. Oh, but I did go to beach day at Carp one Tuesday afternoon…gotta get back there.

Stop, time’s up.


Comments on: "Full of Grace" (2)

  1. Sounds like the Lord did indeed open the eyes of your heart. As you “bloom where you are planted”, I’m sure you’ll be sharing that grace!

  2. Today I had a special feeling of filling up with joy from God twice since I posted. WOW, thank you Lord, and if anyone out there is praying for me, thank you!

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