Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

Sunday Dinner Retrospect

Elizabeth asked if she could take care of Sunday dinner one week, and we chose yesterday. A pretty large group has been coming over for dinners on Sunday nights, for the past year. Many of them graduated this year from Westmont College and are staying in the area, living together, finding jobs.

The continuity of a weekly meal is lovely. I am more focused on hospitality and continuity, so I don’t usually spend a lot of money on any one Sunday, but I scan the gracery store ads when I get them on Wednesday for whatever meat is on sale, buy a bunch of that and plan the meal around it. Elizabeth’s offer to provide the whole thing and cook it here was kind. The house her group of girls rents came with chickens so she saved up eggs and made quiches. She asked Michelle to bring salads. Ben brought bread. Brad brought soup, tomato soup from Trader Joes with a bag of fiesta rice to mix in. Alisha brought dessert.

Elizabeth honored me by imitating me: when the meal was ready she broke in to all the conversations loudly with the greeting, “The Lord be with you.” All quieted, responded, “and also with you,” as we stood and held hands. I had been sitting on the couch; I stood and watched dear Elizabeth step into my role and I thanked God!

I was one of the first in line to get food, sparingly because the quiches were made with milk, to which I am allergic. But as I selected and filled my plate I suddenly turned to Elizabeth (who, still imitating me, was hanging back waiting until all had received) and thanked her. “I feel so blessed! You have come into my house and made a meal of abundance, delegating well!” Her reply echoes still to cheer my heart in gratitude to God: “Mrs. Lee, that’s how we feel every week.”

Dinner, conversations (this week, perhaps because I wasn’t in charge of the food at all, I had great conversations…something to think about there), a card game in the front room at the end. While Daddy was discussing deeply in the kitchen as Ben, Julia, Carson, and Laura were taking turns cleaning, Ravinia was enjoying the Dutch Blitz game.

After a particular conversation I got on the computer to look up the name of Cynthia Voigt’s book for a recent grad worried about her little sister at home, and then I thought I should start taking pictures!

I am so grateful:

771 husband who is such a good host, a perfect partner in hospitality
772 the red couch where 5 can sit comfortably not ducks in a row but rounded, talking.
773 house in faculty neighborhood next to Westmont College
774 Westmont pool to swim in (my goal) every day this summer
775 learning how decorating helps hospitality
776 watching God work in lives of students
777 getting to be a guest at my own house
778 receiving the blessing passed back to me
779 reading an old book of my Mom’s and wishing I’d read it sooner
780 crocheting watermellon dishcloths for the Wonderful Werner Walker Watermellon Wedding


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