Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.

God Speaking

Yesterday we were at Monterey Bay Aquarium, second day in a row. The car meter needed to be filled up, and at some point soon I was expecting our friend Melinda to arrive with her children, and we’d be done at the aquarium and have lunch together and play in a nearby park before we headed home.

So I went to put money in the meter, for some reason not accepting my husband’s characteristic offer to do it for me. My in-laws (did I mention it was an extended family vacation?) offered to go along with me since their car needed a bit more meter filling too. But mother-in-law saw a nice bench shortly outside of the aquarium and decided to sit and wait for us.

Father-in-law and I went to the cars then, and I filled my meter and then filled his to the same time limit. He’d gotten grapes out for a snack before lunch. Heading back together, I suddenly realized it would be good if I stayed on the street, to greet Melinda when she arrived, any minute now.

These small realizations, they’re worth paying attention to. If they don’t come from God, what’s a still small voice? I’ve never regretted paying attention to them, whereas I have regretted ignoring…that’s another story.

So I explained, and sent father-in-law to bring mother-in-law back to the group in the aquarium, and called Melinda, who was just finding parking. Perfect timing.

Do you think God is in the timing?
Is he really in charge of all things?
I’m so weak I need his help especially in the timing of just about everything!



Comments on: "God Speaking" (4)

  1. Yes, I definitely believe God is in the timing. Good for you for listening to his voice!

  2. Sweet sister, I know I need His help in all things. Waiting isn’t easy, but I know that is just where I’m at. His timing is not my timing…..

  3. God’s timing is hard for us because we don’t know how long, but I loved your encouragement here. We need to show up and be available – on the watch. 😉 thanks for sharing! We LOVE Monterey Bay Aquarium! 🙂

  4. I really enjoy that aquarium and Monterey Bay in general. Didn’t know you lived near there. Have you been to the Gilroy Garlic Festival? 🙂 We used to live in Sunnyvale.
    Not sure why, but lately I’ve enjoyed when God’s timing has not been as speedy as I thought it should be. I’m starting to like the in-between unknowns…

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