Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.



Elizabeth came to Sunday Dinner and this Spring I was giving out grtitude journals, spiral bound blank notebooks I’d bought at Michaels for a dollar. I was so impressed by Elizabeth’s enthusiasm. Her friends, who also accepted journals, affirmed Elizabeth loves lists. She’s already at 640, while I’m just past 750 after a whole year! Not that it’s a competition but that I am so grateful for having inspired someone who can so quickly surpass me!

Perhaps she and I together inspired the others to write in theirs, perhaps we need the encouragement of checking in with others. I know I need the reminders when Ann posts on Mondays her gratitude list and folks link up. This will be my first time able to link up, and I’m excited, grateful, that I can do that.

My Gratitude Journal this week:
747 rosebush on fence
748 launching Highheartedly
749 talk with Elena Yee
750 talk with Leonor Elias
751 chat with Sarah Thomas
752 chat with Steve Hodson
753 talk with Julia, and with Helen
754 Mullens coming for dinner
755 Ravinia writing Agatha Bean play
756 kids performing Agatha Bean
757 time with Sierra Butler on her birthday
758 fourth of July plans


Comments on: "Grateful" (3)

  1. Happy 4th!

    Clicked over from Ann’s, and I love that you are encouraging others to count blessings too! It’s been fun to watch my attitude change from doing this one small activity.

  2. Followed your link from Ann’s… congratulations on the new blog and how great that you know get to share your list with everyone. God bless you this week =)

  3. Being grateful really does change things, doesn’t it?

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