Lifting hearts to God in thanks and praise.


Welcome is a good way to start a new blog. This is actually a post connected to Five Minute Fridays, and lovely in its timing for my launching a blog I can use to link with others and respond to faith bloggers’ prompts. So, welcome to my world! Welcome to writing, welcome to life, not where everything is wonderful or perfect (I write now through a cloud-headache caused by allergies) but where in spite of everything I lift my heart to God and praise and thank him. That gives me a positive perspective through the pain. Welcome.

Welcome one another, a scripture says, and when we welcome people into our homes or even into our world in a casual meeting, we can find the love of God. Lately I took the risk of talking to other women while standing in line. They look at me first unbelieving that I’m reaching out to talk with a stranger, and then there’s a slow happiness that dawns as they jump into the conversation too. Welcoming the other…it’s not always safe, or comfortable, but if I’m holding on to God, lifting my heart to him, then I’m not afraid and quite often am receiving good things.

This week I’ve had significant conversations each day with a different person, neighbor usually, and I think of those conversations as welcoming, open safe places to share hearts and learn insights. So happy for that welcome I received from others. Thanks God!


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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Just found your post via The Gypsy Mama’s Friday Link Party. I hope your headache is gone by now, and that you keep up your cheerful spirit:)

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